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Genocide Survivors – Otjozondjima/Okozondje, Epukiro-Namibia

The goal of the Genocide Survivors Project is to identify, recognize, honor, and celebrate our forbearers who experienced and survived the Ovaherero and Nama Genocides. They endured unspeakable horror and gave us life. Their sacrifice, hard work, bravery, and steadfastness paved the way for our communities’ survival, resurgence, and revitalization.

There are many ways to honor and memorialize our heroines and heroes. Knowing and saying their names, creating memorials in their honor, telling stories about their lives and experiences, and emulating their selfless sacrifices to give future generations a bright future.

Genocide Survivors Remembered 8-27-20 lines v

The attached memorial document has the names of genocide survivors buried at Otjozondjima/Okozondje in Epukiro, Namibia. Among the survivors buried at Otjozondjima are Johanna Tembo ua Murangi, sister to Rapote ua Murangi. Rapote and his wife Katjiukua ua Kavari died during the genocide in 1904 at Ohamakari. Their daughters survived the genocide and are buried at Otjozondjima. Also buried here are Komiiri Muamina Wilfried Mundjua and Friedrich Makono, to name a few individuals. Both were involved in helping write Hosea Kutako’s petition to the United Nations.

Information was collected in January 2020, and involved taking pictures of burial headstones of all individuals born before or during the 1904-1908 genocides and survived the genocide. The names and dates were entered into a database of genocide survivors.

These hallowed burial grounds are archives of culture and history. Current and future generations must access and celebrate these treasures. Project staff will work with survivors’ descendants to develop an anthology about these heroines and heroes.

Please contact Dr. Kavemuii Murangi at if you want to contribute and help develop a database of genocide survivors or wish to share ideas about honoring survivors. Otjozondjima was first, next we will feature genocide survivors buried at Otjeue, Aminius, Namibia.

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