The Institute

The mission of the OvaHerero/Mbanderu and Nama Genocides Institute (ONGI) is to honor the memory of the victims of the genocides,  and to advocate for justice for the victims and their descendants. The institute aims to:

  • Empower the genocides’ victims to study, think, reflect, dialogue, and understand the multiple dimensions and impact of the genocides
  • Raise global awareness about the OvaHerero/Mbanderu and Nama genocides
  • Serve as an information resource center regarding the genocides for researchers, policymakers and the general public
  • Encourage dialogue, understanding, and cooperation between German and OvaHerero/Mbanderu and Nama people
  • Call upon the German Federal Government and the Bundestag to:
    • fully recognize the OvaHerero/Mbanderu and Nama genocides
    • issue a formal apology
    • enter into dialogue with descendants of the genocides
    • make restitutions for the genocides.



Mr. Jefta Nguherimo, Vice-President;

Dr.  Kavemuii Murangi, President;;


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